What are the hardware/software requirements?

Compliance with our hardware requirements is critical to sustain a suitable platform for your iaAnyware software. Please refer to the technology page for specific details.

Can I use iaAnyware with Terminal Server?

iaAnyware does not run in a Terminal Server or Shared Virtual Environment. The software is intended to run on single local PC.
If you are investigating such an Environment, please ensure during the planning stages with your IT consultant that this information is conveyed and explored fully.

Can I use iaAnyware on my tablet?

iaAnyware can be installed on any tablet running Windows 8 only.
If you are looking at purchasing a tablet, please consult carefully with your IT consultant as the number of available choices makes it difficult to select the ‘correct’ choice one for you.

How do I Check my existing system specifications?

Right-click on your ‘Start’ button, and on the menu that appears click on ‘Properties’. A screen will appear that shows you which version of Windows, the speed of your processer and the amount of RAM you have installed.
As a general rule of thumb, as long as the CPU speed is about 2GHz, you have a processer that can run iaAnyware. If you want to be sure of your exact CPU type, please check with your IT consultant.

I can only get mobile wireless where I am – I can’t get ADSL at my location

That’s ok, iaAnyware works with 3G/4G modems and wireless hotspots. The main thing you may notice is the software is a little slower sending / retrieving your information over the internet, as Wireless Internet speeds tend to be slower than an ADSL line.

Can I run iaAnyware on a Mac?

The iaAnyware suite is a Windows program, so you must have Windows installed to run iaAnyware. You can install Windows on a Mac, via BootCamp or virtual pc software such as vmWare or Parallels. For more information, ask your IT provider. Once Windows is installed on your Mac, you can install and use iaAnyware.

I can use my internet normally (e.g. I can search Google), but iaAnyware keeps asking me to check my internet connection?

This usually happens only when the software is first installed, or when Firewalls or Anti-Virus have been upgraded. Please check that the firewall is set to allow www.iaanyware.net (port 80) and www.iaanyware.net.au (port 443) to send receive, or check the Help Centre for more information.

Is training provided?

Full technical support and training is provided by our iAssist team. Our Help Centre is available 24/7 otherwise contact your System Administrator.

How secure is my data?

Your database is hosted on secure servers maintained by highly accredited third party hosting facilities. As a key business partner of iaAnyware, Macquarie Telecom is the most highly certified business hosting company in Australia. Macquarie’s processes and physical location are secure and running to industry best practice.

How do I download the application?

The application can be downloaded from the Client Login area of our website. Your System Administrator will provide you with your Username and Login details.

Haven’t found what you’re looking? Try our Help Centre for more information.